Marine Transport

Keeping waterborne commerce moving

Here in South Louisiana, marine transportation is a cornerstone of the economy. Virtually every business that operates in the oil and gas, fishing, shipping or supply sector deals directly with maritime commerce. Keeping that commerce flowing is a backbone of our business. Southern Fabrication services tug boats, tow boats, crew boats, barges and everything in between, as well as offering a full range new boat construction and design capabilities.

Our extensive inventory of leading – edge cutting, fitting and bending tools enables us to handle a wide range of waterborne projects: changing on – board hydraulics, welding watertight doors, refurbishing storage containers, replacing bulkheads, and re – plumbing cooling systems. We’ve got a highly experienced staff of 18 employees who can provide on – site service to any vessel in the Gulf South area within matter of hours, saving your company from wasted downtime.

We stay on top of the latest technology in order to provide clients with the most complete range of fabrication services. One highly anticipated addition is a state – of – the – art plasma cutter, which will enable our facility to cut the largest and thickest sheets of metal with pinpoint precision. Thanks to constant innovations like this, as well as a reputation for excellent, efficient work, Southern Fabrication has solidified its reputation as the go – to company for maritime projects.