Oil and Gas Industries

When reliability counts, counts on us

Every company that works in the oil and gas sector has this in common: no matter the job, time is money and every second counts. Drilling is complicated, arduous work that demands exceptional precision – both from the people in the field and from the equipment they use. It’s a pressure – filled environment onshore and off, and your company can’t afford a single misstep. You need equipment that is 100% reliable, that will hold up to the rigors of the environment and deliver dependable performance every time.

At Southern Fabrication, we specialize in repairing and refurbishing a full range of oilfield equipment so your company can operate longer, safer and more efficiently. We’re experts at building heavy-duty items like hydraulic power packs, tool boxes and cement mixers. We can build to your exact specifications or provide you with ready – made items quickly. And everything we do is DNV – certified and extensively tested, both internally and externally, for quality and reliability.

The secret of our success is no secret at all: we hire only the best in the business and ensure that every project – every cut, every fit, every weld – meets the highest standards. Our employees are expert welders, iron workers, inspectors, designers, and fitters with more than 300 years of collective experience. They pride themselves on their meticulous craftsmanship and know that there’s no shortcut to excellence. Because we’re in business to help your business succeed.